Attorney McShane Selected as a Super Lawyers Rising Star

Once again, Attorney Justin McShane of The McShane Firm has been selected as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers Magazine in Pennsylvania DUI. Super Lawyers Magazine uses a very critical selection process and in the end, only 2.5% of the attorneys in Pennsylvania are chosen for this award. (View Attorney McShane’s profile at Super Lawyers)…

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The McShane Firm specializes in defending drug cases including bath salts and synthetic marijuana

Pennsylvania Men Arrested for Bath Salts, Synthetic Marijuana

Recent news that four Lancaster County men have been arrest for charges related to synthetic marijuana and bath salts once again highlight the use of these drugs and their popularity in Pennsylvania.  Despite the statewide ban on these drugs, it is very common to find people using these substances. Both the DEA and the Commonwealth…

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Attorney McShane to Lecture about Gas Chromatography at the NCDD Summer Session

Attorney McShane to Speak at NCDD Summer Session

I recently received confirmation from the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD) that I have been selected to present at the 2012 NCDD Summer Session which is held every year on the campus of the Harvard University School of Law.  My topic is on “Basic Gas Chromatography for Blood Alcohol Content”. The NCDD Summer Session…

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We have become a police state in the name of DUI enforcement.

Forced Blood Draws leads to Police Brutality

“No refusal” initiatives are becoming more and more common across the country.  However, these forced blood draws open the door for police brutality through excessive use of force.  We previously reported about a man in Texas who was stomped and beaten by the police who broke his leg in order to get his blood. To…

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The DRE Protocol is being used in Pennsylvania without sufficient scientific backing.

Court Rules that DRE Protocol is Inadmissible as Evidence

Recently, a Circuit Court in Maryland rule that the DRE protocol was inadmissible as evidence because “…it is not generally accepted as valid and reliable in the relevant scientific community…”. The DRE protocol is a twelve step procedure police use to try to determine whether someone is impaired by drugs.  This procedure is used all over…

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Beware of DUI checkpoints when driving around Pennsylvania this weekend.

Beware of the DUI “Checkpoints” this Weekend

For the last several traditional high volume drinking days, this blog has featured reports of DUI “checkpoints.” This St. Patrick’s Day weekend is no different. Recently someone asked me why we do this. I think it was a fair question. So, unfairly I answered that person’s question with my own question which is “When you…

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You can get a DUI for eating simple white bread in Pennsylvania.

DUI Myth Busters: Breath Test Accuracy

They say that the breath tests are accurate and are specific to ethanol.  However, you can get a positive results for using  hand sanitizing liquid or even for being diabetic.  You can even get a DUI for eating plain white bread: Why are we putting people in jail and suspending licenses based on this ridiculous…

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If you still believe forensic blood tests are accurate then might as well check for monsters in you closets as well.

Crime Labs Positive. Retests Show Substance was not Present in the First Place!

Blood tests are often treated like the “holy grail” of DUI evidence.  Prosecutors see it as infallible and many inexperienced DUI attorneys fail to question the results because of its perceived accuracy.  I even once had a prosecutor say to me, in open court mind you, “It’s a blood test. How can you possibly challenge…

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