Attorney McShane Wins Appeal Before The Superior Court of Pennsylvania

Attorneys McShane and Auriemma Win Appeal of DUI Case

Recently Attorneys McShane and Auriemma won an appeal of a DUI case before The Superior Court of Pennsylvania in the case of Commonwealth vs. Karns. It was a published opinion which makes it binding precedent in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Details of the Case Officer Patterson of the Bedford Borough Police Department received a report…

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DUI breath testing Machine

Another DUI Breath Testing Scandal, This Time Vermont

As one of the leading DUI attorneys in Pennsylvania, I make it a point to vigorously challenge DUI breath testing evidence because of the number of false readings these machines produce.  The technology is bad and the police rarely keep the machines in proper working order.  Unsurprisingly, another breath testing scandal has called more DUI…

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Believe. In Garbage?

Do You Believe in DUI Blood Tests?

A frustrated judge once asked me, “Justin why don’t you ever stipulate to a forensic science result?” They answer is simple: Because they are not reliable. For those who are not familiar with the terminology, “stipulating” means accepting the result of a forensic test without questioning it. Many The vast majority of lawyers do this,…

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The government wants to make DUI interlock devices standard on all cars and you will have to pay for it!

DUI Breath Testing Devices could become Standard in All Cars

One issue that keeps rearing its ugly head is the push by lobbies like MADD for Alcohol-sensing technology to become standard in all cars.  Recently,Congress authorized funding (your tax dollars) for research on ignition interlock devices which, if MADD were to get its way, would become standard equipment on all new cars: Alcohol-sensing technology could…

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Why You Shouldn’t Represent Yourself in DUI Case

Abraham Lincoln once said – “He who represents himself has a fool for a client” Lincoln, an attorney himself, said it best and this is particularly the case with DUI. Pennsylvania DUI laws are complex and DUI evidence is highly technical.  Still, many citizens feel they can represent themselves.  This is not a wise decision….

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DUI Blood Tests Impacted by Lab Errors

More sloppy lab work leads to more uncertainty about DUI convictions.  This time it’s Colorado again:   At issue is the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s testing for blood-alcohol content, which many law enforcement agencies rely on to establish if someone is over the legal limit for driving, .08 percent. In early May,…

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Monroe and Carbon County DUI Checkpoints

Fern Ridge State Police will be conducting DUI checkpoints in 6 townships this weekend.  The special sobriety checkpoints will be in Tunkhannock, Tobyhanna, Chestnuthill and Jackson townships in Monroe County and in Penn Forest Township in Carbon County. If you would like to stay up-to-date on DUI Checkpoints in PA, subscribe to our our Pennsylvania…

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