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More About Faulty Breath Machines

Breath machines are faulty to the point where I no longer understand why they are even used for DUI evidence.  Professional DUI attorneys know this and the general population is also starting to understand how bad this technology is.  The super- duper Intoxilyzer 5000, which is used in Pennsylvania as well as in many states…

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Innocence! Forensic Science, Chemistry and the Law features the Innocence Project and Wrongful Convictions

The Amer­i­can Chem­i­cal Society’s Chem­istry and the Law Divi­sion and its Foren­sic Sci­ence Co-Chairmen, Justin McShane, Esq. of Har­ris­burg, PA and Josh D. Lee, Esq. of Vinita, OK, are proud to announce a full-day pre­sen­ta­tion on the work of the Inno­cence Project. Foren­sic Sci­ence often plays a tragic role in the con­vict­ion and wrong­ful impris­on­ment…

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PA DUI Lawyers

Why You Should Consult with a DUI Lawyer (Even if You are Guilty)

Being charged with a DUI can be very confusing and scary.  There are many details to take into consideration before making an decision on how to proceed with your case.  If you make the wrong moves and are miscalculate, you could end up in jail and face a lengthy license suspension. As a PA DUI…

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The hands-on nature of this course is what makes it such a wonderful learning experience.

Training to be the Best

Our regular readers know that I place a lot of emphasis on advanced DUI training and lecturing. In 2011 I spent over 600 hours in training seminars and will top that again this year.  That’s the equivalent of 3 months solid of training.  There is no DUI lawyer in PA who spends this much time…

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