And These are the People We Trust Our Forensics To?

More Reports of Criminal Behavior Call into Question the Integrity of Pennsylvania DUI Crime Labs

Call a Qualified PA DUI Attorney to review the forensic evidence in your case.
Call a Qualified PA DUI Attorney to review the forensic evidence in your case.

A forensics technician and phlebotomist in a Pennsylvania DUI crime lab has admitted to stealing from DUI suspects:

Lab Tech Accused Of Stealing Money From Suspects, Detective

State Police: Woman Admitted To Taking More Than $800

BERKS COUNTY, Pa. — A lab technician at the Berks County DUI center is accused of taking cash from two DUI suspects and a county detective. Kimberly Kay Bennethum-Heffner, 31, of Newmanstown, admitted to taking $840 from the three men, state police said. The thefts happened in July and August. She was a phlebotomist at the center.

These lab technicians are entrusted to perform a very important task.  Dishonesty like this calls into question the integrity of their work and the evidence produced.  The problems with crime labs have been well documented on this blog and are widespread through out the nation’s crime labs:

  1. Unqualified staff with no scientific background
  2. Lack of criminal background checks
  3. Overworked staff
  4. Lack of supervision and oversight

This is why the National Academy of Sciences called for an overhaul of the entire system calling it “badly fragmented”.

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