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Dear Pennsylvania DUI Lawyer,

I was pulled over in Berks County and the officer asked to perform some tests like walking a straight line, standing on one leg and following his finger with my eyes.  I thought I did well on them but he booked me anyways.  What should I do?

The Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs) are a series of tests used by officers to evaluate those they suspect of DUI.  Most, if not all of the police out there believe that it was intended to “record” impairment when the creators of the test clearly say this is not so.  It is at best a screening tool used to determine the likelihood that someone may be above 0.10 or 0.08 BAC.  There is no real validated and robust research validating these roadside tests.  There are some scientific-like research behind their design.  In these studies that the Government points to are not peer-reviewed and they evidence some very fundamental design and experimental flaws.  The percent false positive are unacceptably high.  The likelihood ratios and positive predictive power are not where real science would want it.  In the real world and in most cases, officers incorrectly instruct drivers on how to perform them and incorrectly interpret the results.  So even if it was a valid method, then it will lead to an invalid conclusion if there is deviation from the method.  I have previously blogged before about how expert research show that 93% of the time officers incorrectly administer the DUI roadside tests. Scientific studies also show that incorrectly administered roadside tests, do not yield the benefit of the science behind their design.

You should certainly consult with a qualified Pennsylvania DUI Lawyer to review your case and identify potential areas to challenge.

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