Disabled Man Arrested for DUI

I recently wrote about a case that PA DUI Attorney Shawn Dorward represented where his client’s severe illness was mistaken for a DUI. This is not an isolated incident.  In fact, overzealous police officers who are locked-into arresting as many people as possible commit this type of oppression sometimes frequently all over the country.  What’s worse, instead of getting reprimanded for abuse of power by arresting innocent citizens, these officers are rewarded and commended.

My good friend Utah DUI Attorney Glen Neely recently represented a case where the police officer arrested a disabled man with cerebral palsy and charges him with a DUI.  CBS News covers the story:

Cop Arrests Biker With Cerebral Palsy for DUI

After Inquiry, Charges to Be Dropped Against Utah Man With Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy Who Could Not Perform Field Sobriety Test

(CBS) A Utah man who suffers from cerebral palsy, epilepsy and other disabilities was stopped while riding a motorized bicycle and charged with DUI after admitting he takes medication.

So we have an unfortunate disabled man who deserves our help and sympathy wrongfully arrested by a trooper who is hell-bent on arresting anyone she can for DUI and has used devious methods to cover up her faults.  She is so “locked-in” that she has made more DUI arrests than anyone in the country. Then the Utah Highway Patrol, instead of reprimanding her on this gross injustice, goes on to praise her because of the volume of arrests she’s made. Way to go guys!  Arresting a disabled person and making his already tough life miserable and then not being responsible enough to admit your mistake until you were exposed by the media.  Sounds a lot like a schoolyard bully if you ask me.

My friends, this is not DUI enforcement; this is oppression.  Officers all over the country are blatantly arresting innocent people like you and me and getting away with it.  That is a crime and it is the job of DUI attorneys like myself to protect you from corrupt police officers.

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3 responses to “Disabled Man Arrested for DUI”

  • i too, just one week ago tonight, was arrested for dui. I am disabled and have difficulty walking and keeping my balance when standing still. I have only one ticket in my life of 57 years.

    i was damaged and took ill for 2 days following my arrest.

    money is hard to come by an the 700dollars spent just to get my truck back makes me required to decide whether to buy medication, feed myself, or pay my bills.

    I was absolutely not dui, but was reported by another motorist as drunk [probably the gal that tailgated me trying to force me out of the lane of travel I was in, just ignoring her ploys.]

    anyway, its rampant. please tell what to do to prevent overstalking of the motoring public by money hungry municipalities. ever have to do the sobriety test with a bad leg on an interstate. I was scared stiff of loosing it and trip into the 70 mph cars 6 feet away!

    • I am very sorry to hear about the charges against you and about the difficulties that you are facing. It just goes to show how every DUI case is not just simply a case, but is someone’s life. Why not just give us a call? We can try to help you out and at least point you in the right direction.

  • I am told that if your are charged with a first offence DUI and on disability, that your fines and such charges can be reduced or prorated to your low SSD. Is this true? Also, I was told I may be able to beat this altogether. I have MS. I could not perform the field test and informed the officers why, still trying to do my best for them…they took me to the station for a breath test…it came back with a .17 reading. They told me I would have had to have drank 3-4 hard liquor drinks or 6-8 beers to get a reading like this. I had not been drinking like that, I told them I had had one ice beer within 20-30 minutes before leaving my house, right down the street. If I had had that much to drink I would have passed out or been belligerent. I am 5’3″ and weigh 95 lbs. I went for a drive and clipped the side view mirror of a car, parked crooked, with my mirror. When I pulled over to try and find out who owned the car, the police were called. After the failing the field test, and was taken to the station, I was observed and asked questions for a while before the breath test. I was stunned at the results. I am meeting with a lawyer today. I am a nervous mess, as I do not want to lose my licence or have to pay huge fines I can’t afford or have a record of a DUI offence. I would like any advice you can offer me. Thank you.

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