How a DUI Affects College Students

Let’s begin with the admissions process.  If  you received a DUI charge as a high school student, you already faced the agony of having to tell your parents.  Now you must face disclosing the DUI on the college application.  A DUI may or may not prevent you from being admitted to college, but if you lie about it, and they find out about it, then the cover-up is always worse than the crime.

21If you received a DUI charge while enrolled in college, even if you are not convicted, you may be subjected to a disciplinary hearing before the administration board. The punishments depend on the institution’s Student Code of Conduct and can range from verbal warnings to temporary or permanent suspension.  You may also lose your right to student housing and other college-related privileges, such as library use and attending athletic events.

Furthermore, if you are a recipient of a scholarship or federal financial aid, a DUI conviction, which is a criminal conviction, may jeopardize your eligibility for those funds depending up the number of prior charges and your additional criminal history.

Outside of the consequences that the college impose on you, the state of PA will impose criminal consequences that can affect both your college career and your future employment opportunities. If you have to serve jail time, you will not be able to attend classes.  If your license is suspended, getting to college classes may be a difficulty. You may even have to take off a whole year.  To pay off the fines, you may have to get a job on the side, which will detract from your study time. Mandatory Alcohol and Highway Safety classes may also interfere with your course timetable.

Don’t forget that a DUI on your record, stays on your record FOREVER.  So even after you complete the many years of study to become a licensed professional such as a nurse or a teacher, the DUI will hinder your application and may serve as the basis to reject you from your dream job.  You will also be required to report the DUI as a criminal conviction on any grad school application and any future job applications.

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