The hands-on nature of this course is what makes it such a wonderful learning experience.

Training to be the Best

Our regular readers know that I place a lot of emphasis on advanced DUI training and lecturing. In 2011 I spent over 600 hours in training seminars and will top that again this year.  That’s the equivalent of 3 months solid of training.  There is no DUI lawyer in PA who spends this much time…

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Attorney Dorward Brilliantly Defends PA DUI Case

At The McShane Firm, we pride ourselves on having the the hardest working, most dedicated DUI Attorneys in Pennsylvania.  Recently, Attorney Shawn Dorward secured a total not guilty verdict in a DUI case for a client he had been defending for almost two years.  Most importantly, Attorney Dorward was able to secure a “not guilty”…

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Many CDL drivers choose the PA DUI lawyers at The McShane Firm to protect their careers.

PA DUI Attorney Defends CDL Case

The PA DUI Attorneys at The McShane Firm are trained to handle all types of DUI cases including complicated CDL cases.  I have blogged about Pennsylvania CDL DUI laws and penalties in the past.  Under Pennsylvania DUI Law, CDL drivers face the stiffest penalties even if the DUI occurred in their personal non-commercial vehicle, and…

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PA DUI Attorney Shawn Dorward Earns FSA Certification

With states like Pennsylvania reducing the BAC levels for DUI, it has become harder and harder to identify if a driver is actually impaired.  This is an important point because under Pennsylvania law, for a Common Law DUI charge (see our post on the different types of Pennsylvania DUI charges)  the prosecutor must prove that the…

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