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Stacy Parks Miller Petition for Discipline

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From a confidential source, we were able to obtain the complete Petition for Discipline as filed against Stacy Parks Miller by the Pennsylvania Office of Disciplinary Counsel:

Petition for Discipline-Stacy Parks Miller


Here is a breakdown of our prior posts on our opinions of her administration of her office and her:

A conspiracy of none: the imagination of Stacy Parks Miller

For greater breakdown, please standby for more information as it develops.


One of the tidbits that we can glean from the allegations as alleged by the Office of Disciplinary Counsel is not only the sheer magnitude of the ex parte communications as alleged, but her alleged brazen denial (or qualified admissions) under oath of these events.

Further, as alleged it involved at least two judges: Former Judge Lunsford (who was allowed to retire while he was facing a disciplinary investigation himself- Did he cut a deal to be a cooperating witness to keep his pension?) and current Judge Jonathan D. Grine.

Finally, there is a potentially sticky matter of the sworn testimony of Judge Jonathan D. Grine at his ill-fated attempts to stifle the First Amendment versus what the Office Of Disciplinary Counsel alleges that it was able to recover from the deleted phone of Stacy Parks Miller. (See coverage here: Judge Grine sued all of us….. and lost)


Did he commit perjury? That is the question to ask. Our analysis will follow.

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