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Annual Charity Poll

Every year at, we ask our loyal readers to help a choose a charity for a $500 donation from The McShane Firm.  This year we have chosen three worthy charities.  The polls are open now with all voting to end on December 29 at midnight. The winning charity will get a donation of $500. The second place charity will receive $250. The third place charity will receive $100.

Here are the contestants:

(1) PAWS of Central PA-


PAWS saves lives and prevents suffering by implementing the no-kill philosophy through aggressive spay/neuter programs for owned and unowned animals; by rescuing, fostering, and seeking permanent homes for endangered dogs and cats; and by raising awareness of the plight of homeless animals.

PAWS seeks a time when there are no homeless companion animals in south central Pennsylvania.

(2) The Boys & Girls Club of Harrisburg-

The Boys & Girls Club of Harrisburg was founded as a part-time venture in 1939 at St. Paul’s Methodist Church in Harrisburg, initially serving 75 boys. Today, we offer a drug-free, alcohol-free atmosphere with caring professionals. They provide not only a safe and positive place to be, but also offer programs geared to today’s challenges through specific structured and guidance-oriented activities to over 1,300 members.

(3) United Way of the Capital Region-

United Way of the Capital Region’s mission is to improve lives in Dauphin, Cumberland and Perry counties by identifying the most pressing community needs, finding solutions to those needs, and demonstrating how these solutions are making a difference.

Let the voting begin! And remember to share this with your friends!

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