About The McShane Firm

Located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, The McShane Firm is Pennsylvania’s premier DUI Law Firm.  Every attorney on our team is an experienced Pennsylvania DUI lawyer with the commitment and guts to fight your DUI case.

Experience in Fighting Pennsylvania DUI

The lawyers here at The McShane Firm have fought countless DUI cases and have taken many to full trial to secure a favorable result for their clients.  We are highly respected and seasoned DUI attorneys.  In fact, many attorneys across the country regard Attorney Justin McShane as a foremost authority in DUI and forensic science and often rely on him as a source for answers to the most difficult questions. Attorney McShane is the highest rated DUI attorney in PA as rated by Avvo.com because of his experience, professional conduct, and industry recognition.

Commitment to Advanced DUI Education

DUI is a highly technical field that involves forensic science, toxicology, pharmacology, biology, chemistry as well as extensive knowledge of Pennsylvania DUI law.

Our attorneys are committed to continuing legal education and regularly attend advanced DUI seminars dealing everything from forensic science to Pennsylvania DUI – all in effort to provide the most knowledgable and honest defense possible. The DUI lawyers at The McShane Firm have received DUI certification higher than most Pennsylvania State police officers, regularly lecture at specialized DUI  training courses across the nation. One look at our qualifications and you’ll see why no other law firm in Pennsylvania can compare with our experience.

The Guts to Fight Your Case to the Finish

At The McShane Firm, we are all DUI Trial Lawyers. Unlike most, we actually and regularly take DUI cases to full trial.  We are always prepared and ready to fight for your freedom using every inch the law allows.  We are fighters and only take cases of those who want to fight.  If you want to ‘plead guilty’ then there is no reason to hire us.  If you want someone who will fight for your rights, then look no further.