High costs for refusing breathalyzer test among new Pennsylvania laws for 2018

A new law that recently went into effect has established a huge, new license restoration fee for drivers who refuse testing. High costs for refusing breathalyzer test among new Pennsylvania laws for 2018 Pennsylvania police will have a new financial incentive to make suspected drunk or impaied drivers consent to a breath or blood test […]

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CDL Drivers

Important information for CDL Drivers Charged with a DUI

If you are the holder of a Commercial Driver’s License (“CDL”) in Pennsylvania, it’s extremely important that you understand how a DUI conviction may affect your career and your future.  For you, a DUI is more than a simple charge. A conviction could spell the end of your CDL career. This is why you should […]

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New Bill passes the State Senate and calls for tougher DUI Laws

A new bill sponsored by Senator John C. Rafferty, Jr. (R-44) will increase the penalties for many DUI offenders if passed into law.  The state senate has passed this legislation by a margin of (47-4). Summary of the Proposed Bill The bill proposes a number of changes, including: Creating a felony grading for people convicted […]

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dui drugs

Can I be Arrested for Driving While Using Prescription Drugs?

You can be arrested for driving while using a number of prescription drugs.  The following are some common prescription drugs we see drivers arrested for: Xanax Klonopin Oxycodone Methadone Ambien Prozac Valium According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2014, around 22% of all drivers were impaired by drugs. Nearly 50% of […]

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Will a DUI affect my immigration status?

Green Cards and Naturalization Applicants for Green Cards or for U.S. Citizenship who get charged with a DUI often worry about how it will affect their immigration status.  While outcomes will differ on a case to case basis, one thing is for certain, any immigration agencies who do check will find your DUI and it […]

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