Understanding Uncertainty Measurement in DUI Prosecutions: Breath and Blood Testing

Introduction In DUI prosecutions, accurately determining the level of alcohol or drugs in a person’s system is crucial. Breath and blood testing are two common methods used to measure the presence of alcohol or drugs. However, these testing methods are not infallible, and uncertainty measurements must be taken into consideration when evaluating the results. This…

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DUI Without Drinking

How a Diabetic can Get a DUI without Drinking

Breath testing is broken. Because of some major flaws in how the machines function, many people falsely get charged with DUI. One group of people at higher risk for false positives is Diabetics. Breath testing indirectly measures the amount of alcohol in a breath sample. The machine measures ethanol based on its wavelength. Unfortunately, many…

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Court gavel

Forced Blood Draws are Ruled Unconstitutional by SCOTUS

A few months ago, the Supreme Court of the United States considered the question whether states may attach criminal penalties on a diver who refuses to submit to a blood or breath test to measure the blood alcohol concentration level during a DUI arrest. For Birchfield v. North Dakota case, the Court wanted to know in…

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Mis-calibrated Breathalyzer Machine Problems in PA

One of the main problems with DUI breath testing is that individual police departments are responsible for making sure the machines are working properly.  There are no checks and balances. Imagine a restaurant conducting its own food and health inspections.  It makes no sense.  Well then why does it make sense for the police to…

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When State Trooper Daniel Beatty stopped a swerving black Mercedes Benz down Route 28 on the July Fourth holiday weekend, he thought it would be a routine DUI stop. As he approached the car, he said the female driver was “reeking of alcohol, staggering and incoherent to the situation.” Officer Beatty was surprised that the…

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Welcome to our new blog series where we will drive you through the DUI process from the time of arrest all the way to trial. There may be a number of signals that can trigger an officer to suspect you of driving under the influence. For example, you might have been driving too slowly, changing lanes…

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Attorney Justin McShane Published in Understanding DUI Scientific Evidence

Congratulations to Attorneys Justin McShane and Katherine McShane, of The McShane Firm, who co-authored a chapter in the book Understanding DUI Scientific Evidence.   This book is widely respected in legal circles as it is authored by top attorneys and scientists. The chapter they authored is entitled “Pennsylvania DUID Prosecution: The Measurand Problem” . DUI Drugs (DUID) is a…

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