A message about DUI Defense Lawyers Association from William “Bubba” Head, Josh D Lee and Justin J. McShane

Dear Friends, The three of us are excited about notifying you of an opportunity for you to join a NEW non-profit organization that was recently incorporated and established to advance the cause of aggressive and effective DUI-DWI defense across America. You already know the incorporators of DUIDLA through your years of law practice in the…

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The hands-on nature of this course is what makes it such a wonderful learning experience.

Training to be the Best

Our regular readers know that I place a lot of emphasis on advanced DUI training and lecturing. In 2011 I spent over 600 hours in training seminars and will top that again this year.  That’s the equivalent of 3 months solid of training.  There is no DUI lawyer in PA who spends this much time…

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Attorney McShane to Lecture about Gas Chromatography at the NCDD Summer Session

Attorney McShane to Speak at NCDD Summer Session

I recently received confirmation from the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD) that I have been selected to present at the 2012 NCDD Summer Session which is held every year on the campus of the Harvard University School of Law.  My topic is on “Basic Gas Chromatography for Blood Alcohol Content”. The NCDD Summer Session…

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Attorney McShane has been chosen as a Sustaining Member to the National College for DUI Defense.

Attorney McShane Elected as a Sustaining Member of the NCDD

Recently, I was elected as a Sustaining Member to the National College for DUI Defense.  Sustaining membership is awarded after a through peer review process and only to those who have shown a commitment to DUI defense.  From the NCDD site: In furtherance of its mission and purposes, the College has established a “Sustaining Member”…

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You can probably hire him for the cost of an extra value meal.

Defend Your Own DUI Charge for $10?!

I came across a site that advertised a “Complete Guide to Defending Your DUI” for $10.  I’m pretty sure that’s $10 too many. As we have discussed on this blog numerous times, DUI is a very complex field of law.  In many cases, there is no tangible physical evidence, only reports and police opinions.  To…

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DUI breath testing is completely unscientific. We are gambling with people's lives.

Attorney McShane to Lecture at NCDD Winter Session

The National College for DUI Defense (NCDD) sponsors the most intensive and advanced DUI training seminars an attorney can attend.  Not only do the Pennsylvania DUI attorneys at The McShane Firm regularly attend these seminars, I have been invited to present my research at the 2012 NCDD Winter Session to be held in Orlando from…

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