Attorney McShane Hosts Anti-Doping Workshop at the ACS National Meeting

Science and the Law intersect in many different places- one of them being in doping. As part of my responsibilities as the co-chair of the Forensic Science section of the ACS-Chemistry and the Law Division, I organized a unique workshop dealing with anti-doping laws and science which was held at the 249th ACS National Meeting & Exposition on March…

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The ACS-CHAL Forensic Lawyer-Scientist Designation

The paradigm is shifting again. Advancements in science in technology have changed every aspect of our lives.  It wasn’t too long ago that we used to have telephone booths.  Now mobile phones have made them relics of an ancient era. No one had a personal computer. Now, all but few have cell phones that have…

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The hands-on nature of this course is what makes it such a wonderful learning experience.

Training to be the Best

Our regular readers know that I place a lot of emphasis on advanced DUI training and lecturing. In 2011 I spent over 600 hours in training seminars and will top that again this year.  That’s the equivalent of 3 months solid of training.  There is no DUI lawyer in PA who spends this much time…

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If the forensic labs are not doing their jobs properly, we will show that in court.

External Quality Assurance Auditor for Pennsylvania Forensics Labs

Forensics, in the form of both blood and breath testing, is a big part of a DUI case.  This is why I have dedicated myself to the study of forensic science so I can offer the best defense for my clients.  You have to know the science to hold the scientists accountable. In my studies…

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Attorney McShane Voted Forensic Co-Chair by ACS

Pennsylvania DUI Attorney Justin McShane and Oklahoma DUI attorney Josh Lee were recently appointed as the Forensic Co-Chairs of the American Chemical Society Chemistry and the Law Division in a unanimous vote by the Executive Committee. This is an exceptional honor and a testament to the scientific work of both of these outstanding attorneys. With…

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We all live under the hanging sword of a false DUI conviction. You can protect yourself by contacting PA DUI Attorney Justin McShane.

PA DUI Attorney to Present at the ACS National Meeting

My personal aim is to be the very best DUI attorney in Pennsylvania and in the United States. A big part of that is keeping myself on the cutting edge of legal and scientific knowledge to best defend the interests of my clients.  As part of my extensive research and learning, I serve as an…

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PA DUI Attorney Lectures on Gas Chromatography

PA DUI Attorney: Recent DUI Lectures

As a respected DUI attorney, I have been invited to many DUI training seminars to share my knowledge, particularly in the area of DUI blood testing. Gas Chromatography is the process used to measure blood alcohol content (BAC) and is considered by many prosecutors to be “invincible” and an “automatic conviction.” That is because most…

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PA DUI Attorney Lectures at an Advanced DUI Seminar in Ohio

PA DUI Attorney McShane Lectures All Over the Country

I have put a lot of hard work understanding the science involved in DUI cases and this has resulted in me becoming a highly sought after lecturer for advanced DUI seminars.  No other DUI attorney in PA has the speaking resume I do. Last month was particularly busy for me as I conducted seven lectures…

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