Attorney McShane to Lecture about Gas Chromatography at the NCDD Summer Session

Attorney McShane to Speak at NCDD Summer Session

I recently received confirmation from the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD) that I have been selected to present at the 2012 NCDD Summer Session which is held every year on the campus of the Harvard University School of Law.  My topic is on “Basic Gas Chromatography for Blood Alcohol Content”. The NCDD Summer Session…

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Attorney McShane has been chosen as a Sustaining Member to the National College for DUI Defense.

Attorney McShane Elected as a Sustaining Member of the NCDD

Recently, I was elected as a Sustaining Member to the National College for DUI Defense.  Sustaining membership is awarded after a through peer review process and only to those who have shown a commitment to DUI defense.  From the NCDD site: In furtherance of its mission and purposes, the College has established a “Sustaining Member”…

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PA DUI Attorney awarded certificate of appreciation by the NCDD

Pennsylvania DUI Lawyers Attend NCDD Summer Session at Harvard Law School

At The McShane Firm, we strive to be very best DUI lawyers in Pennsylvania.  Part of that struggle for perfection is attending the most prestigious and cutting-edge training programs available.  In the world of DUI, there is no organization more dedicated to DUI training than the National for DUI Defense, Inc. (NCDD) and the crown-jewel…

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Attorney McShane files a brief in a DUI case to The Supreme Court of The United States

PA DUI Attorney Reaches a Milestone

I pride myself on being one of the hardest working DUI attorneys in PA. I have spent many years defending citizens accused of DUI. I have spent extensive time fighting in courtrooms, training in seminars and reading and writing research papers all in an effort to offer the best DUI defense to my clients.  Today,…

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McShane Board Certification in DUI Defense

The PA DUI Attorney Challenge: Board Certification in DUI Law

In our series, The PA DUI Attorney Challenge, we have proposed a number of clues you should look for to help you evaluate and differentiate between various DUI lawyers in Pennsylvania.  Today we discuss the second clue: Board Certification in DUI Law. In 2003, the American Bar Association (ABA) recognized DUI as a specialized field…

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