Pennsylvania DUI First Offense

Many people don’t realize how serious the penalties are for even a first time DUI in Pennsylvania. A first time offender with past criminal history (even if it is not DUI related) can still face jail time, fines and a lengthy license suspension. Additionally, there are many other costly penalties outside of the legal penalties in court.

Penalties for a Pennsylvania DUI First Offense

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania uses a multi-tiered penalty structure for DUI offenses.

Tier Description Imprisonment License Suspension Fines
General Impairment B.A.C.=.08 to 0.099%,
Incapable of safe driving,
No injury or property damage
Up to 6 months probation None $300
High Rate B.A.C.=.10 to 0.159%,
Minor B.A.C.= .02 to .159%,
General Impairment BAC with an accident,
School Bus Driver B.A.C.=.02 to .159%,
Commercial Vehicle driver B.A.C.=.04% to .159%
2 days-6 months 12 months $500-$5,000
Highest Rate B.A.C.=.16% or greater,
Refusal of chemical test,
Controlled substance DUI
3 days-6 months 12 months $1,000-$5,000

Additionally, there are other costs as well as court ordered DUI school and treatment if necessary.

Penalties Beyond the Legal Penalties for a DUI

There are many other consequences you may face if convicted of a Pennsylvania DUI, including:

As you can see, the penalties for even a first DUI offense are severe and far-reaching. This is not a charge you can afford to take lightly. If you want to protect your rights call 1-866-MCSHANE to schedule a free consultation with our Pennsylvania DUI Attorneys.

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