Underage Drinking in PA

There has been a lot of discussion about underage drinking especially considering the Saint Patty’s Day celebrations that took place over the weekend and tomorrow.  There were many unfortunate incidents that arose from the increasingly popular student drinking holiday at Penn State University.  This has a lot of people asking questions about Pennsylvania laws related…

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“Darkness” sends 20 to the ER in PA

Pennsylvania has seen share of K2 and spice emergencies, due to bad batches, or overdoses during over the past years. One brand in particular, called Darkness is responsible for sending 20 patients into the ER at PinnacleHealth during the first weekend of August 2016. Dauphin County’s Drug Task Force and Harrisburg police are investigating to…

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Ignition Interlock to become Mandatory in PA even for some First Offenders

Last month, the Rafferty bill, was passed in both the Pennsylvania Senate and House requiring ignition interlock devices for first-time DUI offenders who register a blood-alcohol content of .10 percent or higher. Proponents of such legislation assert that these devices will prevent drivers who blow a BAC above .025% from being able to start their…

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