Teacher Charged with DUI in PA: What you need to know

A Pennsylvania Teacher must report their criminal convictions to the School Board According to the Pennsylvania School code, a school teacher must report their criminal convictions to the school board.  In some instances, this may result in the teacher being deemed ineligible to teach.  These rules affect: Teachers Principals Secretaries School Nurses Coaches Cafeteria Staff…

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How a DUI Can Affect Licensed Professionals

While many people may think that a DUI is irrelevant to their professional license, the reality is that a DUI conviction can have long term, unexpected consequences for one’s career and reputation.  Some licenses may be revoked or suspended. Also future professional license applicants may also be ineligible from obtaining a new license.  In many cases,…

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Important Lesson for Teachers

A DUI Can Mean Losing Your Teaching Job A drunk driving charge can be a disaster for a school teacher who is convicted. The teacher may face immediate termination, non-renewal of contracts or loss of teacher certification. Teaching jobs can be lost after a DUI conviction for even a FIRST offense. Even an arrest for…

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If you work at a Pennsylvania school, you could be affected by the new laws.

New Law Requiring Pennsylvania Teachers to Report DUI Convictions

Pennsylvania has passed new laws pertaining to the criminal history of anyone working at a school.  Because of its wide reach and severe restrictions, it is important that anyone working in a school should understand these laws in detail. Pennsylvania has over 3,000 schools and these laws affect: Teachers Principals Secretaries School Nurses Coaches Cafeteria…

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New Laws Require Teachers and School Staff to Report DUI Arrests

New Pennsylvania Laws Require Teachers to Report Arrests including DUI

Teachers around Pennsylvania are facing a peculiar situation.  New laws will result in teachers being ineligible for prospective employment for certain DUI Offenses. The new law calls for a three (3) year ineligibility period for a prospective employee convicted of a second DUI if it is graded as a misdemeanor of the first degree.  Any…

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