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Forced Blood Draws are Ruled Unconstitutional by SCOTUS

A few months ago, the Supreme Court of the United States considered the question whether states may attach criminal penalties on a diver who refuses to submit to a blood or breath test to measure the blood alcohol concentration level during a DUI arrest. For Birchfield v. North Dakota case, the Court wanted to know in…

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Mis-calibrated Breathalyzer Machine Problems in PA

One of the main problems with DUI breath testing is that individual police departments are responsible for making sure the machines are working properly.  There are no checks and balances. Imagine a restaurant conducting its own food and health inspections.  It makes no sense.  Well then why does it make sense for the police to…

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The science of the Justin Bieber DUI case: How a lawyer-scientist can help

The science of the Justin Bieber DUI case: How a lawyer-scientist can help [Updated on 26 January 2014 at 905 am EST entitled “The Problem with the Resisting Arrest without Violence charge.”] [Updated on 31 January at 1216 pm EST to include the TMZ link to the GPS records.] There are a lot of my…

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I remember playing on this back I feel old.

More About Faulty Breath Machines

Breath machines are faulty to the point where I no longer understand why they are even used for DUI evidence.  Professional DUI attorneys know this and the general population is also starting to understand how bad this technology is.  The super- duper Intoxilyzer 5000, which is used in Pennsylvania as well as in many states…

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DUI breath testing Machine

Another DUI Breath Testing Scandal, This Time Vermont

As one of the leading DUI attorneys in Pennsylvania, I make it a point to vigorously challenge DUI breath testing evidence because of the number of false readings these machines produce.  The technology is bad and the police rarely keep the machines in proper working order.  Unsurprisingly, another breath testing scandal has called more DUI…

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You can get a DUI for eating simple white bread in Pennsylvania.

DUI Myth Busters: Breath Test Accuracy

They say that the breath tests are accurate and are specific to ethanol.  However, you can get a positive results for using  hand sanitizing liquid or even for being diabetic.  You can even get a DUI for eating plain white bread: Why are we putting people in jail and suspending licenses based on this ridiculous…

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