Believe. In Garbage?

Do You Believe in DUI Blood Tests?

A frustrated judge once asked me, “Justin why don’t you ever stipulate to a forensic science result?” They answer is simple: Because they are not reliable. For those who are not familiar with the terminology, “stipulating” means accepting the result of a forensic test without questioning it. Many The vast majority of lawyers do this,…

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DUI Myth Busters: The Police Have Thorough DUI Training

One of the common misconceptions among the general public, judges and the police themselves, is that police officers have ample DUI training.   I can tell you from my experiences as a DUI attorney in Pennsylvania, that this is not the case.  Whether it is Pennsylvania State Police or local police, the vast majority of officers…

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You can get a DUI for eating simple white bread in Pennsylvania.

DUI Myth Busters: Breath Test Accuracy

They say that the breath tests are accurate and are specific to ethanol.  However, you can get a positive results for using  hand sanitizing liquid or even for being diabetic.  You can even get a DUI for eating plain white bread: Why are we putting people in jail and suspending licenses based on this ridiculous…

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