Pennsylvania pays compensation for a man who was falsely imprisoned for a DUI

Imagine getting pulled over and accused of a DUI even though you were completely innocent.  Imagine spending over 5 months in jail even though your test results came back negative- more than once.  Imagine losing your job and your place to live because of this extended false imprisonment. You think this is a fictional story? […]

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Video Shows Pennsylvania State Troopers Discussing DUI Quota

A recently filed lawsuit shows two Pennsylvania State troopers allegedly discussing their “DUI Quota”. Without performing roadside sobriety tests to establish probable cause in a May 2015 arrest in the parking lot of a bar near Lehighton, troopers speculated whether the suspect sitting in the back of a cruiser was “DUI,” the suit alleges. One […]

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Top 6 Causes for Wrongful Convictions (Part 6) — Eye Witness Misidentification

Last but definitely not least, the single greatest contributing factor to wrongful convictions is eyewitness identification. A whopping 70% of wrongful convictions, who were later cleared by DNA testing, were due to a mis-identification of the criminal by the eyewitness, who is sometimes even the victim themselves. The table below illustrates this phenomenon.   After […]

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Top 6 Causes for Wrongful Convictions (Part 5) — False Confessions

When it comes to the issue of forcing out a confession, has our criminal justice system evolved much from the days of the Salem Witch Trials, during which about 50 women were coerced into confessing to have performed witchcraft? Or are there still remnants of such methods of forced confessions in existence today? Or what […]

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Prosecutor Misconduct

Top 6 Causes for Wrongful Convictions (Part 4) — Police and Prosecutorial Misconduct

Welcome to part 4 of this series where we will discuss how people can become wrongfully convicted and sent to prison just because of the misconduct of police and state prosecutors. Sometimes an officer may hold back some evidence found at the scene of the crime.  Sometimes forensic evidence is not sent to the lab for testing. […]

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BAD Forensics report

Top 6 Causes for Wrongful Convictions (Part 3) — Bad Forensics

When forensic evidence is presented in the courtroom, there is a general assumption that “if it is scientific, then it must be true.” The reality is much different. Witnesses in white lab coats are much easier to believe than the defendant who has already been stigmatized simply by being charged.  Most jurors are inclined to […]

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Bad lawyer

Top 6 Causes for Wrongful Convictions (Part 2) — Bad Lawyers

Honestly, there should be lemon laws against lemon-like lawyers. It happens all too often. Bad lawyering or inadequate counsel accounts for at least 23% of innocent people ending up in prison or even on death row, for crimes they did not commit, according to the Innocence Project. Sloppy defense is a disgrace to an American […]

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Top 6 Causes for Wrongful Convictions (Part 1) — Snitches

The criminal justice system is not infallible. Actually far from it.  Innocent people do go to prison as a result of perjury, faulty eyewitness identification and prosecutorial misconduct. It is the ultimate miscarriage of justice — the taking away of the freedom of a factually innocent person while also allowing the guilty person to remain […]

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