Top 10 Reasons You Should Hire an Attorney, Even Before You Have Been Charged

10. This won’t go away: If they took your blood, they are going to find something. Whether it is alcohol or prescription drugs, you can expect a charge as soon as the blood reports get back from the lab. 9. Intimidation: When we are retained, we fax the officer to make sure they know that […]

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Pennsylvania Police Officer Admits to Lying Under Oath in DUI Case

Pennsylvania Police Officer Admits to Lying in DUI Cases

We all want to trust the police and see them as upright protectors of justice. While many police officers are very professional and take their responsibility very seriously, there are others who are corrupt and use unscrupulous tactics that harm the common citizen. Bad cops exist everywhere and there is no shortage of them in […]

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A PA DUI Conviction Can Affect Your Custody Status

How a Pennsylvania DUI Can Affect Your Child Custody Rights

Under New Pennsylvania Laws: A DUI Conviction for Anyone in Your Home Can Affect Your Custody Rights As I have often mentioned on this blog, the penalties for a Pennsylvania DUI are very severe and they last a lifetime.  Unfortunately, these penalties are only getting more and more severe and have serious ramifications on other, […]

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Pennsylvania DUI Arrest Statistics

DUI Arrests in York County are the 7th Highest in PA

I recently came across some statistics about DUI arrests in York County: York County ranks seventh in Pa. DUI arrests York County had one of the highest rates of DUI arrests in the state from 2008-10. But authorities aren’t sure whether that means the number of people who decided to drive under the influence is […]

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Portable breath tests are one of the major reasons for false DUI arrests in Pennsylvania

Bad Technology and Bad Laws Lead to False DUI Arrests

DUI are cases are very complex.  Most of the time, the only evidence is the opinion of a bias police officer and a reading from a blood or breath test.  Unfortunately, this opinion evidence coupled with bad technology leads to far too many false DUI arrests.  Here as an excellent editorial on the causes for […]

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It takes a great deal of preparation and knowledge to cross-examine a forensic expert in a DUI case.

Challenging DUI Blood Evidence Part 5: Cross-Examining Forensic Experts

One question young, ambitious lawyers often ask me is, “how do you effectively cross-examine forensic experts?”  Cross-examining the prosecution’s experts is one of the most important stages in a DUI case because if that “expert” testimony is left unchallenged, the blood alcohol reading or the drug concentration result will be accepted and most certainly will […]

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Pennsylvania DUI Conviction: You Can't Afford It

Pennsylvania DUI: You can’t afford it

At PA DUI Blog we have detailed the numerous criminal and financial penalties of a DUI conviction in Pennsylvania and the honest truth is, a DUI conviction is horribly costly and will cost you for the rest of your life.  When you factor in the fines, increased insurance premiums, time lost at work and possible […]

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