Expungement or Limited Access: Can you hide your prior conviction?

By Kaitlyn Clarkson, Esquire and Amanda Jones, Pa/C.P. Governor Tom Wolf signed Pennsylvania Senate Bill 166 in February of 2016, expanding the current PA laws regarding access to criminal history. The Senate passed this bill unanimously while the House did not bring the bill up for a vote. This new law will be effective November 14,…

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Congratulations to Cathi Leigh McAdams and Amanda Jones

The CPPA (Central Pennsylvania Paralegal Association) recently re-elected Cathi Leigh McAdams as President, and elected Amanda Jones as Vice President.  Both of these extraordinary women have been working for The McShane Firm for a number of years. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication both of them put in on a daily basis. The mission…

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Clients Rave about Attorney Tim Barrouk

Known for his excellent reputation in Central Pennsylvania, Attorney Timothy M. Barrouk represents his clients with enthusiasm and guts. His hard work and dedication are second to none. As a trial court advocate, he is never afraid to take it to the government.  He is always the most prepared lawyer in the court room. Attorney Barrouk…

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Vince Young

Why DUI Attorneys Shouldn’t Announce the Arrest of Celebrities on their Websites or Blogs

Lot’s of people jump to conclusions when news of a celebrity DUI breaks. Recently, this was the case with former NFL quarterback Vince Young. The media makes it look like that charge is a conviction. What is more disheartening is that many DUI lawyers also operate this by posting these very slanted news reports without…

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Attorney Justin McShane Published in Understanding DUI Scientific Evidence

Congratulations to Attorneys Justin McShane and Katherine McShane, of The McShane Firm, who co-authored a chapter in the book Understanding DUI Scientific Evidence.   This book is widely respected in legal circles as it is authored by top attorneys and scientists. The chapter they authored is entitled “Pennsylvania DUID Prosecution: The Measurand Problem” . DUI Drugs (DUID) is a…

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Pennsylvania Marijuana Charges

Marijuana is classified as a controlled substance in Pennsylvania. It is a Schedule I drug. While other states have moved to legalize it, marijuana remains totally illegal in PA and carries some very serious penalties for those who are charged. While possession of marijuana, controlled substances, or drug paraphernalia is a serious offense, you aren’t…

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