The New Wave of DUI Enforcement: Targeting the Innocent

The new push by the federal government is to go after DUI prescription drug cases.  The problem is well over half of Americans are on prescription drugs.  Basically the new push is targeting everyday citizens like you and me.  The whole program is a mess and it will put a lot of innocent citizens through…

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Lawyers on the Fast Track Awards Dinner

Every year The Legal Intelligencer selects Lawyers on the Fast Track, an award recognizing young lawyers from all across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who have emerged as leaders.  This past week an awards dinner was held honoring the winners. This year Attorney Justin McShane was selected as a recipient for this prestigious award. At the…

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The hands-on nature of this course is what makes it such a wonderful learning experience.

Training to be the Best

Our regular readers know that I place a lot of emphasis on advanced DUI training and lecturing. In 2011 I spent over 600 hours in training seminars and will top that again this year.  That’s the equivalent of 3 months solid of training.  There is no DUI lawyer in PA who spends this much time…

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Choosing the right DUI lawyer can make the difference between "guilty" and "not guilty"

What Happens When You Choose the Wrong Lawyer

For a person charged with a DUI, selecting the right lawyer is the most important choice they can make. In my travels across Pennsylvania and across the country, I have noticed a huge difference in the approach that attorneys take in handling DUI cases: There is one group which rigorously prepares and defends DUI cases…

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Attorney McShane has been chosen as a Sustaining Member to the National College for DUI Defense.

Attorney McShane Elected as a Sustaining Member of the NCDD

Recently, I was elected as a Sustaining Member to the National College for DUI Defense.  Sustaining membership is awarded after a through peer review process and only to those who have shown a commitment to DUI defense.  From the NCDD site: In furtherance of its mission and purposes, the College has established a “Sustaining Member”…

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