More About Faulty Breath Machines

Breath machines are faulty to the point where I no longer understand why they are even used for DUI evidence.  Professional DUI attorneys know this and the general population is also starting to understand how bad this technology is.  The super- duper Intoxilyzer 5000, which is used in Pennsylvania as well as in many states is a prime example of this.  The machine is not specific to ethanol, can produce erroneously high readings and uses they same microprocessor as the Commodore 64.

I remember playing on this back I feel old.
I remember playing on this back I feel old.

Here’s more:

Faulty machines, fallible humans could hurt Alberta’s tough drunk driving law

Machines are infallible, and humans wearing uniforms never make mistakes.

Ludicrous, of course. A ridiculous statement, which even the most simple-minded optimist would discount as being far too rosy an expectation.

Perfection is a myth, and public policy based on the expectation of absolute perfection is an outrage — yet Alberta is relying on exactly that as it allegedly gets tough on impaired driving.

People are going to jail and getting their licenses suspended based on this ancient and faulty technology.  These are the issues that we fight against everyday.

Justin McShane

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