Bad Scores for Teachers with DUI

If you are a teacher convicted of a DUI, there are many consequences in addition to the possible fines, license suspension and jail time. Given the societal stigma associated with teachers with any criminal convictions, and the role they play as educators for children, a DUI can hinder or even end a teacher’s career. Keep in mind that in many states, including Pennsylvania, a DUI conviction is a criminal conviction, even if it is categorized as a misdemeanor offense.

061214_1203_BadScoresfo1.pngFirst of all, local newspapers publish daily police arrests, and sure enough your DUI arrest will be there in black and white with your name on it. “Teacher of …..Elementary School arrested for DUI.” If any parent or student reads it, it could go viral in your community with tweets and Facebook posts.

This slip- up can be further escalated by MADD, especially if they decide to launch a letter writing campaign directed at the convicted teacher to put pressure on school boards to fire teachers involved in DUI offenses.

You might even have to face the loss of your teacher certificate, depending on the circumstances of your DUI and the state that you live in.

For example, read the case of the Florida high school teacher who was arrested in April for a DUI on her way to school.

But there is hope. If you are a teacher facing a DUI charge, it is important that you prepare yourself for the consequences that you might face. That being said, hiring the very best DUI defense attorney you can find can help you to win your case, which could save your career. Consult a DUI attorney in order to consider your best plan of action and how you can keep your job.

While there is no guarantee that you will be fired from your job if you receive a DUI, this is something that is a serious possibility if you are a teacher. If you have already received a DUI charge, consider hiring a DUI lawyer to help you defend your case.

Once you receive a DUI, it will remain on your  criminal record. This means that when you go to apply for a new teaching job, you will likely have to inform your potential employer of your DUI. If you do not, that employer can look up your driving record and criminal history as most of it is online any way. If the school board learns that you withheld important information, it could affect your credibility and keep you from getting a new job. As a result, getting a DUI can affect both your current and future job situations.

Teaching children is a calling. It is noble. It is honorable. If you are a teacher charged with a DUI in Pennsylvania, your career is at stake. When so much is on the line, you should turn to the best— The McShane Firm call 1-866-McShane

Justin McShane

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