Attorney McShane to Present at the 2013 AAFS Annual Scientific Meeting

This week a workshop proposal was accepted by the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) for the 2013 AAFS Annual Scientific Meeting to be held on February 18.  My presentation is “Melendez-Diaz, Bullcoming, and  Williams: Scientific Evidence and the Right to Confrontation.” Science is great.  Scientific evidence has lead to the exoneration of many innocent…

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If the forensic labs are not doing their jobs properly, we will show that in court.

External Quality Assurance Auditor for Pennsylvania Forensics Labs

Forensics, in the form of both blood and breath testing, is a big part of a DUI case.  This is why I have dedicated myself to the study of forensic science so I can offer the best defense for my clients.  You have to know the science to hold the scientists accountable. In my studies…

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Attorney McShane uses his extensive knowledge of forensic science to fight PA DUI Cases.

PA DUI Attorney to Present at the AAFS Annual Meeting

Attorney McShane has unmatched credentials as an expert attorney in analytical chemistry matters. No attorney in the country can match the body of knowledge and study he has. He has been recognized numerous times for his outstanding knowledge about forensic science and once again will present a research paper at another prestigious scientific convention. From…

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