Cops Bully Driver at DUI Checkpoint

Proponents of “checkpoints” (which are really roadblocks) say that they are very momentary and very minor and necessary intrusions for the benefit of overall traffic safety. The reality is that the average roadblock is something far from a very momentary and very minor intrusion. In this post, we highlight an example of what proponents of roadblocks call “very momentary and very minor” and what one can expect to experience if you know your rights and insist on your rights at one of these roadblocks.

We all have constitutional rights.  They are guaranteed to all of us.  The problem is, police don’t necessarily always respect those rights.

After you watch this, ask yourself: What would they have done if the video was not discovered? What if there was no video?

This is what happened to a young man in Tennessee at a DUI checkpoint.  Watch the video to get a sense of how police can disrespect your constitutional rights.

Justin McShane

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