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I have blogged a lot on Blood Testing for DUI and specifically Gas Chromatography for alcohol (ETOH) or drugs of abuse testing used in DUI prosecutions.

Some people ask: 

Justin, your posts are so hyper-technical, why do you post such detailed stuff?

Harrisburg DUI Lawyer nerd


When you are facing a Pennsylvania DUI, possible consequences include jail time, probation, loss of your driving license and fines.  For more information please take a look at our series: "Why Fight a DUI in Pennsylvania?".  When facing consequences this serious, you need the very best Pennsylvania DUI attorney you can find.  Not just a lawyer who handles DUI cases.  You need a real DUI lawyer-scientist.  We posted before about how a normal folks can compare the qualifications of prospective lawyers and make an informed decision about who is the best to handle their DUI case.  Please take a look at our series "How to Find a DUI Lawyer in PA".

The purpose of the many posts I have done on DUI Blood Testing is to show the highly technical nature of this testing and how only a true lawyer-scientist who has a strong background in Analytical chemistry can challenge these results successfully.

So with that in place, I offer the following review of some of the posts that I have made on Pennsylvania Blood testing for DUI….

  1.  Why forensic science testing for DUI BAC determination is the silly sister of analytical science: Good Laboratory Practice
  2. WellSpan is to be commended, but why people who have been convicted for decades of a DUI should be upset
  3. A large problem in Gas Chromatography: No uniform standard for GC run position or composition
  4. Crimping a Headspace Vial in Gas Chromatography: How not putting the "lid on the jar" can lead to disaster in a DUI case
  5. Why is Due Process of Law different than the Due Process of Science: Blood Alcohol Content is only an Estimate
  6. Harrisburg DUI Lawyer comments on Inaccurate Blood Alcohol Content and Bad BAC Results
  7. Gas Chromatography and why is it is so important to Pennsylvania DUI arrests
  8. On the origin of Species-Why do we use Gray Tubes for Forensic Blood Analysis for BAC
  9. Harrisburg DUI Lawyer comments on Inaccurate Blood Alcohol Content and Bad BAC Results
  10. Underage Drinking and DUI in Pennsylvania: LOD and LOQ Defense
  11. Highest reported BAC .708: I call Shenanigans
  12. Why is Due Process of Law different than the Due Process of Science: Blood Alcohol Content is only an Estimate
  13. What Pac-Man and Inflated and Incorrect Blood Alcohol Content results have in common
  14. When is a straight line a curve: Calibration curve
  15. Metrology in DUI prosecution
  16. Why saying the sample was run on a gas chromatograph is nearly meaningless
  17. Putting Innocent People in Jail
  18. A wakeup call: Independence in Crime Labs is not enough
  19. The Carry-over Effect: Lack of Blanks between tests leads to false positive or inflated BAC results
  20. If he was an analytical chemist or a DUI defense attorney he would say "Show me the separation!!"
  21. The variables of the Gas Chromatography process
  22. In analytical chemistry for ETOH and Drugs of Abuse determination, it is very true that the matrix is all around us but truly is ignored
  23. Personal bias is bad, but analytical bias spells disaster in DUI BAC and Drugs of Abuse testing
  24. Carryover effect part Deux: Autodilution may be part of the problem for false blood results in DUI
  25. Internal standard the likely culprit for inaccurate BAC results
  26. Carryover effect part 3: Flushing of inert gas is not enough to prove there is no carryover
  27. How do they make the squiggly lines turn into a magic number: Area under the peak
  28. When tall and skinny is always beautiful? Fundamental principles of gas chromatography



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