DUI Cases Dismissed Because Police Lied

News from Sacramento where 79 DUI cases have been dismissed because a police officer falsified police reports:

SACRAMENTO, CA – Sacramento County District Attorney Jan Scully announced Friday that 79 cases, mostly for driving under the influence, have been dismissed because of alleged misconduct by former Sacramento police officer Brandon Mullock.

The D.A.’s office and Sacramento Police Department began an investigation of Mullock in June after discovering discrepancies between the officer’s arrest reports and video recordings on his patrol car’s in-car camera.

Scully said approximately 200 cases were reviewed where Mullock was the primary arresting officer or was subpoenaed to testify in cases spanning from February 2007 through January 2009.

A summary of the Mullock investigation results included significant issues with the validity of DUI stops; how the preliminary alcohol screening device was administered in the field; sobriety tests; and interviews of suspects.

Here are some news reports where they show the discrepancies between the police reports and the actual video from his dash cam.

Police Corruption is one reason you need to find the best PA DUI attorney to fight your case
Police Corruption is one reason you need to find the best PA DUI attorney to fight your case

In all 79 cases have been dismissed, with many of these innocent people having already been convicted and some of them having even spent time in prison. That’s 79 innocent citizens who have been violated by this gross act of injustice. What does this all say about the common belief that “if someone is arrested for a DUI the must really be guilty?

Another important aspect of this scandal is the role of the DUI defense attorneys in these cases. Any good and professional DUI attorney will always review the video evidence and compare those results to the police reports and other testimony. Why wasn’t this done? This is a prime example of some of the bad advice many lawyers give, advising clients to plead guilty without even taking the time to review the evidence thoroughly.

This is why it is so important to choose the right lawyer. At The McShane Firm, our dedicated PA DUI Attorneys use our in house private investigator to collect all of the relevant evidence and use that to fight for your innocence. If you need a professional Pennsylvania DUI lawyer call 1-866-McShane.

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