Occupational Limited License for DUI Convictions

Occupational License in PAWhile a DUI conviction carries with it many steep penalties, one of the most harmful effects of a DUI is the loss of your driving privileges. Without a driver’s license, many are left without the ability to attend court ordered therapy, probation appointments, and even required court appearances. Without a license, you lose your ability to get to and from work to continue earning a living to support your family. Even a first offense DUI in Pennsylvania could result in a year loss of driving privileges. One of the most common questions by someone facing a DUI is whether or not an Occupational Limited License is an option. An occupational limited license is often referred to as “bread and butter license” or a “work license.” In the past, a DUI offender was eligible under certain circumstances, to reinstate their driving privilege with an occupational limited license. However, with the adoption of the new ignition interlock laws, PennDOT is no longer issuing these types of license when a driver’s license is suspended for a DUI. Now,if your license is suspended for a DUI, you may be eligible to reinstate your driving privileges early with an ignition interlock license.

An Occupational Limited License may be available to you if your license is suspended for something other than a DUI, though there are several other disqualifying offenses. An occupational limited license authorizes a driver to drive under special circumstances, such as, driving to and from work, attending medical appointments, and other necessary travel. Occupational Limited Licenses are issued to Pennsylvania driver’s whose driving privileges are or will be suspended. If your license has been revoked, disqualified, cancelled, or recalled, you are not eligible for an occupational limited license.

If your license is suspended and you think you may be eligible for an occupational limited license, call The McShane Firm. Here at The McShane Firm, our attorneys understand the impact the loss of your driver’s license has on your life. We understand how the laws work and if there is a way to get your license back with an occupational limited license, an ignition interlock license or a fully restored license, we will get it done. Call us today. We are here and ready to begin immediately fighting for you!

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  • It is really hard losing a driver’s license when it is one of the important things you need in your daily activity. It is better to not drink and drive to prevent this kind of situation.

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