Pennsylvania DUI Blog Year in Review: Part 2

Last week we presented Pennsylvania DUI blog Year in Review Part 1. This week we look at the top five posts on over the last year.  These posts about Pennsylvania DUI lawyers, DUI laws and penalties in PA, and other import DUI information were found to be the most informative and beneficial. 

Top Pennsylvania DUI Article How to Find a DUI Lawyer in PA: What is a DUI Lawyer? 

In our series, How to Find a DUI lawyer in PA we proposed some questions you should ask before choosing an attorney to represent your Pennsylvania DUI case. In this first installment we took a look at why you need a lawyer who specializes in DUI cases not a general practitioner. Just as you wouldn’t go to a Podiatrist (foot doctor) with a heart problem, you shouldn’t go to a general practitioner with a case as serious as a Pennsylvania DUI. 

Top Pennsylvania DUI Article The Legal Consequences of a DUI in PA 

In our series Why Fight a DUI In Pennsylvania, we put forth the legal consequences of a Pennsylvania DUI conviction as well as some of the effects that you might be aware of such as effects on occupational licenses and travel

In this first installment, we examined the tiered system that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania uses for the penalty range for a DUI charge. Penalties can include prison time up to 5 years, 18 month license suspension, and up to $10,000 in fines. Many of our readers found this very useful in helping them to determine the severity of the penalties they may face if convicted of a DUI. 

#3 Pennsylvania DUI Article Off the Road…How Pennsylvania CDL truck drivers get the worst of a DUI accusation 

The penalties for a DUI conviction for a Pennsylvania CDL truck driver are much harsher than the average citizen. On top of that they stand to lose their license which means their whole livelihood is at stake. This post highlights the severity of these penalties and how choosing the wrong attorney could end up costing a CDL truck driver everything they have worked so for. We have helped many CDL trucker drivers face DUI charges.  

#2 Pennsylvania DUI Article McShane Firm Attorneys Attend NCDD Summer Session held at the Harvard School of Law 

At The McShane Firm we pride ourselves on being the best DUI Lawyers in Pennsylvania. To be the best we constantly seek high level continuing education courses and workshops to hone our skills and give our clients the best possible representation. We have qualifications that are unmatched in Pennsylvania. We have previously discussed in detail the importance of DUI Training and why you should ask about how well an attorney is trained before retaining them. 

Over the past summer, The National College of DUI Defense hosted its annual Summer Session of intensive DUI Training which was held at the Harvard School of Law.  The best and brightest DUI lawyers and experts presented on many topics including using forensic science to defend DUI cases and improving courtroom presentations and cross-examinations.  Out of all of the lawyers in Pennsylvania, only seven lawyers attended this DUI training.  Out of those seven, four are attorneys from The McShane Firm. In fact, the only attorneys from the Harrisburg area who attended this advanced training course were the attorneys from The McShane Firm. 

Top Pennsylvania DUI Article I am facing Pennsylvania DUI charges, should I elect to take a Preliminary Hearing? 

Most people don’t know what to expect when they are charged with a Pennsylvania DUI.  This is why we presented the a series called What to Expect if You’re Expecting a DUI. In this series we take a detailed look at the various hearings and motions that are typically involved in a DUI case.  In this installment, we took a look at the importance of Preliminary Hearings in Pennsylvania DUI cases and why it is very important to have a qualified DUI attorney represent you at this vital stage. 

We hope you enjoyed this recap of some of our favorites posts.  We welcome your comments on our previous posts as well as suggestions for future posts. 




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