Profiling a Drunk Driver on the Road: Driving While Texting or DUI?

Imagine, you are in Pennsylvania.  It is late at night.  It is after 2 am which is the typical closing time for bars here in Pennsylvania.  You are a police officer.  You see a car that you do not recognize in front of you.  It starts to weave.  Then, when there is no other traffic around it crosses the lines.  You stop the car.  What do you think?  DUI, right?


It’s DWT or driving while texting.  It is ubiquitous. This is why you cannot profile a drunk driver.


(Watch the video to see DWT is worse than DUI)




-Justin J. McShane, Esquire, Pennsylvania DUI Attorney

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One response to “Profiling a Drunk Driver on the Road: Driving While Texting or DUI?”

  • Studies are on going regarding cell phone use and driving. But current published studies indicate driving and talking on a cell phone (hands free or not) mimic a 0.08 BAC level, while texting and driving is closer to the 0.15 BAC level.
    When the government gets good data on this, they can make a LOT of money on fines once there is a strong lobbist group like MADD. After driving cellphone users are villified, subpoenaed cell phone records will be used to extract heavy fines from drivers as a source of income for the government. Just like DUI.

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