But they took a blood test…

Blood SampleMany people think that if the police took a blood test that test came back positive for any drugs or over the BAC limit, they will automatically be convicted of a DUI. This is simply not true.

A DUI blood test is a piece of paper with a result. In reality, it is an opinion. Just like all opinions, it is subject to scrutiny. The government still has to prove that the reading is valid and reliable. They have to prove that the blood sample was handled properly. They have to prove that the equipment was working properly. They have to prove that the technician followed the validated procedures exactly. They have to prove that the proper calibration was used. There is a lot that goes into it.

They have to prove all of that and more IF your attorney asks the right questions.

Because if your attorney does not challenge the result and simply accepts it, it makes your case very difficult to win.

And really the only way to challenge the DUI blood test is to know the science behind the test and the procedures and protocols which need to be followed. This takes a lot of study and specialization. This is what we pride ourselves on at The McShane Firm.

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Justin McShane

PA DUI attorney Justin J. McShane is the President/CEO of The McShane Firm, LLC - Pennsylvania's top criminal law and DUI law firm. He is the highest rated DUI attorney in PA as rated by Avvo.com. Justin McShane is a double Board certified attorney. He is the first and so far the only Pennsylvania attorney to achieve American Bar Association recognized board certification in DUI defense from the National College for DUI Defense, Inc. He is also a Board Certified Criminal Trial Advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, a Pennsylvania Supreme Court Approved Agency.

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