Bill Seeks to Make Interlock Mandatory for all DUI Offenders

Slowly but surely, DUI lobbies are pushing for laws that will curtail the rights of all citizens.  It is well known that it is part of MADD’s agenda to make interlock devices mandatory standard equipment on all vehicles.  In most states, including Pennsylvania, ignition interlock devices are mandatory only for repeat DUI offenders.  A bill currently in front of Congress would change that and mandate interlock devices for ALL DUI offenders, even if it is a low BAC offense with no property damage- even for first time offenders:

Congress is seeking to make interlock devices mandatory for all DUI offenders.
Congress is seeking to make interlock devices mandatory for all DUI offenders.

House Transportation Bill Eliminates States’ Authority on Interlock Use and Will Cost Over $432 mill

(January 31, 2012)

WASHINGTON – Today the American Beverage Institute (ABI), which represents over eight thousand of America’s favorite family restaurants, denounced the House Transportation Reauthorization Bill which would require that all 50 states mandate ignition interlocks – in-car breathalyzers – as punishment for low-BAC (blood alcohol concentration) first-time DUI offenders. Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., Chair of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee will hold a press conference about this bill today at 3:00pm.

Laws mandating ignition interlocks for all offenders deny judges the ability to distinguish between a driver one sip over the limit and high-BAC, repeat offenders. Only 15 states have enacted laws like this, while 27 have chosen to target the hardcore offenders: those arrested with high-BACs (.15% and above) and/or repeat convictions.

Politicians will tout this bill as “necessary to protect the public” but as we all know these are 21st Century politicians who are driven by special interest groups and are not sincere about public safety.  If they were truly sincere with us then they would be treating driving while texting and fatigued driving in the same serious manner as they treat DUI.  Distracted and fatigued driving kill and these problems are growing more dangerous because there are no measure being taken to stop them.  However, powerful cell phone and trucking lobbies push their agendas and politicians fall in tow.

DUI laws are pushed by politics and money.  Mandatory interlock devices are a very, very heavy penalty for a first time offender. Typically all it takes is one accusation for a person to “learn a lesson.”   Think about it, a first time offender with a perfectly clean criminal record who is slightly over the limit with no accident or damage to any person or property, has to install an interlock device so everyone can know about their crime.  It’s outright public humiliation just like The Scarlet Letter.  Murders, drug dealers, and corporate fraudsters don’t go through this but DUI offenders do?  Where is the logic and reason in this?

Slowly but surely, we are creeping towards a new reality, where our rights as free citizens will be greatly compromised in the name of DUI enforcement.  It is already happening at DUI checkpoints and with these new laws.  One can only wonder at what lies ahead.

Justin McShane

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