DUI: The New Scarlet Letter

Lawmakers across the country are pushing for harsher DUI laws and some of these bills introduce some disturbing new punishments.

Some of the new DUI penalties being proposed include public humiliation.
Some of the new DUI penalties being proposed include public humiliation.

Normally, public humiliation is not part of the punishments for criminal offenses in America today.  However, some of the proposed DUI laws will re-introduce public humiliation similar to what the main character in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel was forced to endure.  Recently, the Erin Swezey Act passed the Oklahoma State Senate which would require the words “DUI Conviction” to be printed on the driver’s license of the person convicted.

What purpose will this serve apart from public humiliation?  There are many places where someone may be asked to present their driver’s license like at a retail checkout counter or if purchasing a new cell phone plan.  Now total strangers will know about this person’s DUI conviction and pass judgment on them accordingly.  I find it odd that a murderer would not have “Homicide Conviction” printed on their license while someone convicted of a DUI first offense would.  Is a DUI worse than premeditated cold-blooded murder?

The problem here is that DUI penalties in PA and all across the country are being made based on emotions and pressure from special interest groups and not based on data and science.  This is why we recommend that you find the best DUI attorney in your area to help protect you against harsh and humiliating penalties.  If you want to hire the most experienced and dedicated DUI attorneys in PA, please call 1-866-MCSHANE.

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