Friends Don’t Let Friends Defend their Own DUI

Defending your own DUI case is not a smart choice.  For someone without the proper legal training, it will be nearly impossible to challenge the evidence and get a positive outcome.  Here are some reasons why you should not try to defend a DUI by yourself.

The Stakes are High

While DUI is a very common criminal charge, it is also a very serious one.  This is because there are very severe punishments and penalties for a DUI conviction in PA.  Even for a first offense, depending on your BAC reading, you can be looking at up to:

  • 6 months in jail
  • 12 month license suspension
  • $5,000 in fines

Penalties for a second or third offense only go up from there.

On top of the legal penalties there are other consequences like:

  • Increased auto insurance rates
  • Restrictions on international travel
  • Effects on employment- many people could be suspended from work or lose their job because of a DUI
  • And worst of all- A DUI Stay on your criminal record for the rest of your life! This makes it tough to find a job because when an employers does a background check they will see the DUI and may shy away from that candidate.

 The Case is Complex

Most general practice attorneys do not do an effective job defending DUI cases. So how can a common citizen with very little legal and scientific experience expect good results?

The most important pieces of evidence in a DUI case are normally the results of the forensic test (i.e., blood or breath testing), the field sobriety tests, and the testimony of the arresting officer.  This evidence can only be challenged by someone who has extensive training in the scientific aspects of a DUI case and the knowledge of the legal procedures involved.

When facing stakes this high and evidence this complex, it is in your best interests to get the best legal advice available.  If you are in Central Pennsylvania, please call 1-866-MCSHANE for a free case consultation.


Justin McShane

PA DUI attorney Justin J. McShane is the President/CEO of The McShane Firm, LLC - Pennsylvania's top criminal law and DUI law firm. He is the highest rated DUI attorney in PA as rated by Justin McShane is a double Board certified attorney. He is the first and so far the only Pennsylvania attorney to achieve American Bar Association recognized board certification in DUI defense from the National College for DUI Defense, Inc. He is also a Board Certified Criminal Trial Advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, a Pennsylvania Supreme Court Approved Agency.

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