Pennsylvania DUI Checkpoints: A Model of Inefficiency

One of the main arguments in favor of DUI checkpoints is that are an effective measure to catch DUI.  However, when you look at the data, this is not the case. Far from it.

Pennsylvania DUI Checkpoints: Model of Inefficiency
Pennsylvania DUI Checkpoints: Model of Inefficiency

Take for example the statistics from an expensive DUI checkpoint held in in Lebanon County, PA  recently:

478 stops yield 1 DUI arrest in Annville

One person was arrested for driving under the influence of synthetic drugs when a sobriety checkpoint was conducted Saturday evening along Route 422 in Annville Township, the Office of the Lebanon County District Attorney reported.

A total of 478 vehicles were stopped. In addition to the DUI, citations were also issued for underage drinking, minors prohibited from possessing alcohol and driving with a suspended license. Thirteen warnings were issued.

The overtime pay for officers used in the checkpoint came from a grant from PennDOT.

Where else in the world can you be right 0.2% of the time and get a pat on the back?  In the bizzaro world of DUI enforcement, of course. DUI checkpoints are an inefficient affront on our civil liberties which have no real benefit from a public safety standpoint.  Had those same officers been assigned to roving patrols they would have probably made more arrests without disturbing close to 500 people who committed no crime at all.

Justin McShane

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