Police Falsify DUI Reports to Earn Overtime Pay

Reports of police corruption is nothing new or sadly is not even surprising any more.  It is the natural byproduct of a hyper-aggressive enforcement environment fraught with lack of oversight, greed and officers with too much power as opposed to the old fashioned correct way of policing which was to conduct an investigation.  The reason we discuss police corruption on this blog is to show how a few bad apples can cause a lot of harm.  For example, corrupt police officers can rack up false arrests to serve their own ulterior motives which is especially common in DUI cases where the bulk of the case relies on the opinion of the officer as to whether or not the driver was impaired and there is infrequently independent objective sources of verifying this one man’s (or woman’s) opinion.

Hiring a professional PA DUI Attorney can protect you if a cop is trying to frame you for a DUI
Hiring a professional PA DUI Attorney can protect you if a cop is trying to frame you for a DUI

As a PA DUI attorney who is a zealous advocate for the rights of the citizen accused, I have witnessed on occasion cases where the police officer made a DUI arrest based on nothing more than a hunch or an opinion tainted by greed.  It is easy to see how these officers stood to profit by making false arrests by securing promotions and awards.

This is the root of the problem, police have been given unprecedented powers and can wield them freely due to the lack of oversight that exists and face very little in the way of consequences if they are caught. On top of that, they are given incentives to make more arrests.  Here is yet another example of police corruption in Hawaii:

The two sergeants are accused of fraudulently collecting overtime by claiming in police reports that they were present at DUI roadblocks even when they were not. The other officers are accused of filing the false reports.

Corrupt police officers is one reasons you should hire a professional Pennsylvania DUI lawyer to fight your case.  At The McShane Firm, we even employ a full time private investigator to help dig up evidence that the police may be hiding and our lawyers are tough cross-examiners who know the art of exposing the police and their lies.  Please call 1-866-McShane for a free consultation with an expert PA DUI Attorney.

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