Top 10 Reasons You Should Hire an Attorney Now: #8 Witnesses Forget

Witnesses Forget

When you’ve been accused of a DUI, you must contact an attorney immediately. The quicker you get the right attorney involved, the better your chances at a favorable result.  Here’s one of the 10 Reasons why you must contact an attorney immediately after being arrested.

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People who may be able to testify in your favor will only remember the details for a short time. That’s why we must get to them and ensure we record the facts.

If you call The McShane Firm as soon as you have been arrested, you will be giving your attorneys a chance to get to the witnesses of your incident as quickly as possible. These may include people who can verify your actions before the incident which could make a big difference.  Many times witness testimony is the most powerful method of combatting a police report which will obviously be slanted against you.

The earlier attorneys talk to witnesses, the greater the chances of recording the tiniest of details that can have huge significance in your case. It’s not uncommon for minute details that can turn out to be crucial factors in deciding case outcomes.

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