MADD is “M” is for Money

MADD is a lobby.  A very powerful and highly funded lobby.  They want to make money and use “drunk driving” as the emotional rally call to get more money. In another clear example of this, MADD has come out with a line of Virgin Drinks. MADD… the “M” is for money. xosotin chelseathông tin chuyển…

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The government wants to make DUI interlock devices standard on all cars and you will have to pay for it!

DUI Breath Testing Devices could become Standard in All Cars

One issue that keeps rearing its ugly head is the push by lobbies like MADD for Alcohol-sensing technology to become standard in all cars.  Recently,Congress authorized funding (your tax dollars) for research on ignition interlock devices which, if MADD were to get its way, would become standard equipment on all new cars: Alcohol-sensing technology could…

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Police in Pennsylvania are gearing up for more DUI checkpoints over the holidays.

Pennsylvania DUI Checkpoints: Are They Really Worth It?

While most of us will be enjoying the next few weeks as part of the holiday season, police all across Pennsylvania are gearing up for the DUI Checkpoint season.  As a part of their DUI enforcement efforts, PENNDOT, Pennsylvania State Police and local police from all across the Commonwealth will be setting up more and…

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Pennsylvania Bans Driving while Texting

Pennsylvania Driving while Texting Ban Highlights DUI Hypocrisy

Pennsylvania driving while texting penalties underscore the political nature of criminal penalties in PA.  Under the new measure, drivers found guilty of driving while texting (DWT) would face a $50 fine.  Compare this to the penalties for DUI and you will notice a huge discrepancy. Pa. Senate Approves Texting While Driving Ban Governor Expected To…

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