Police Officer Gets Fired for Telling People Not to Drink and Drive

Polices officers reminding people not to drink and drive, isn’t that what they are supposed to do? Shannon Hills Police Officer fired over Facebook post A Facebook post leads to a police officer losing his job. Scott Chaloner says he was fired because he warned people not to drink and drive, but the Chief of…

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Distracted driving is just as dangerous as DUI, but Pennsylvania lawmakers are turn a blind eye to it.

Distracted Driving Increasing Despite Bans

Recent survey by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) showed that driving while using a cellphone has increased over the past year despite the fact that this has been banned by a large number of states.  How widespread is this problem?  According to reports about distracted driving, 18% of people surveyed by NHTSA admitted…

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Drunk Sleeping is not the same as Drunk Driving

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania along with state and local police are all trying to make our roadways safer…or so they claim.  Once again the evident hypocrisy is crystal clear when it comes to Pennsylvania DUI.  As a Pennsylvania DUI Lawyer, it is my job to show a balanced picture of what is really happening. Decision…

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