Judge Grine sued all of us….. and lost


I titled this “Judge Grine sued all of us….. and lost” because when Judge Grine of Center County sued TC Tanski and The McShane Firm, LLC in a purely self-serving attempt to curb public speech and debate over his actions as a public figure, he in reality was attacking us all. All members of the public.

Judge Grine of Center County


Judge Grine sued all of us….. and lost

Hot off the presses. Here are the orders and the memorandum opinions.

We would be remiss if we did not point to the courage of the Commissioners of Centre County, their very courageous Administrator Timothy Boyde, and our co-defendants Sean McGraw and the Shubin Firm.

Now it is up to Stacy Parks-Miller to do the right thing and dismiss her absolutely atrocious lawsuit against the criminal defense attorneys that she has sued. Certainly there can be no doubt now that there is no good faith basis to proceed on that lawsuit against them.

The public won, the First Amendment is alive and well. Judge Grine lost.

We will be seeking attorney’s fees, costs, and will likely be filing a Dragonetti Act lawsuit or other similar civil claim against Judge Grine. While we respect the institution of judges, judges are at the end human beings. All people, even judges have to follow the law, respect the law, and abide by the law, and when they do not, even judges have to pay the consequences. This particular person’s actions, who happens to be a judge, to try to stifle free speech is completely unAmerican. What exacerbates the issue is that he is a judge and ought to lead by example and actually know the law.

For a background of the Grine et al v. The McShane Firm, et al. lawsuit, I offer the following:

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