If you plan to watch the Superbowl with friends, bewares of Pennsylvania DUI checkpoints

Pennsylvania Superbowl DUI Checkpoints

Pennsylvania State Police and local departments are gearing up to increase the number of DUI checkpoints for Superbowl Sunday.  You can bet that areas around sports bars and restaurants where people will be gathering to enjoy the game will be a prime target for police. As always, PADUIblog.com will post any information we receive about…

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Police are using flashlights to investigate DUI in Pennsylvania

Alcohol Detecting Flashlights?

Pennsylvania Police are Using Alcohol Detecting Flashlights to Identify Drunk Drivers in State College As if we needed more untested, unscientific, inaccurate DUI technology, police in PA have been using DUI flashlights to detect drunk drivers: Alcohol-Detecting Flashlights Introduced in State College DUI Enforcement High-tech flashlights that can help police identify drunk drivers have arrived…

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Do More DUI Arrests Mean Better Enforcement?

Central PA Town Sees Growing DUI Arrest Numbers but is this a Result of Better Enforcement? I have blogged before about the statistics game police play with PA DUI arrest numbers. An increased number of arrests does not mean that there is an improvement in DUI enforcement because- “More” does not always mean “Better.” Take…

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