Cop Arrested for Fabricating Evidence: It’s About Time!

Recently, a police officer in Florida was arrested for fabricating evidence in DUI cases.  I say: It’s about time! FL Highway Patrol Trooper, Scott Kuntsmann, arrested for fabricating arrest reports … Following an investigation by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, it was determined Kunstmann not only fabricated arrest records, but also…

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The Police May Be Hiding Crucial Evidence From You. The McShane Firm will Get to the Bottom of It!

PA DUI Attorney Challenge: Private Investigator

At The McShane Firm we are very serious about defending your rights when you are charged with a Pennsylvania DUI violation.  Not only do we have a collection of the best DUI attorneys in PA, we also have unmatched resources and the singular dedication to fight for your rights. We understand the crippling penalties you…

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