Superior Court Will Review Ruling in Road Rage Conviction

Last week, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania agreed to review its ruling on Curtis A. Williams Jr.’s aggravated assault and reckless endangerment convictions in the Easter 2009 road rage case.  Williams is represented by Attorney Justin McShane and Attorney Josh Auriemma of The McShane Firm. The Facts of the Case Curtis A. Williams Jr. of…

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Attorney McShane Wins Appeal Before The Superior Court of Pennsylvania

Attorneys McShane and Auriemma Win Appeal of DUI Case

Recently Attorneys McShane and Auriemma won an appeal of a DUI case before The Superior Court of Pennsylvania in the case of Commonwealth vs. Karns. It was a published opinion which makes it binding precedent in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Details of the Case Officer Patterson of the Bedford Borough Police Department received a report…

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PA DUI Attorney has won numerous DUI Appeals

PA DUI Attorney Challenge: Appeals

We have done a number of posts in our series The PA DUI Attorney Challenge with the intention of arming citizens with a criteria by which they can compare the various DUI lawyers in Pennsylvania. If you are new to this blog or have not had a chance to follow this series, please click on…

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Attorney McShane Successfully Appeal a Pennsylvania DUI Case

Pennsylvania DUI Attorney Wins Appeal in The Superior Court of Pennsylvania

I recently had the opportunity to defend a Pennsylvania DUI case that ended in a conviction for my client at trial.  However, I appealed the judgment to The Superior Court of Pennsylvania and they overturned the verdict.  However, in doing so, the Superior Court for the first time in Pennsylvania applied in its published opinion…

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