Make sure you do your homework before hiring a DUI lawyer

5 Questions to Ask a DUI Lawyer You Plan to Hire

For many people who are charged with a DUI, this is their first encounter with the criminal justice system.  DUI cases are unique because they are highly technical and require scientific knowledge as well as legal expertise to defend properly.  This is why choosing the right lawyer is the single most important decision you can…

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Repeat offenders must serve mandatory jail time in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania DUI Law Review: Repeat Offenses

Under Pennsylvania’s DUI code, repeat offenders are subject to extremely harsh punishments.  Some of the penalties for a repeat conviction may include: Mandatory Jail time up to 5 years Fines up to $10,000 License suspension up to 18 months (served after the prison sentence) Mandatory ignition interlock As you can see, these are crippling penalties…

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Where a normal citizen would be facing jail time and a license suspension, Iron Mike gets a free ride to a crack house.

Police Pull over Mike Tyson, High on Cocaine, and Give Him a Free Ride to a Crack House?!

One of the major problems with our criminal justice system is that major decisions, about who is arrested and who is let go, are made on-the-spot by under-trained, overworked and sometimes corrupt police officers.  The result is the false arrest of innocent citizens and the truly guilty ones going free. Which brings us to an…

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Be on the look out for DUI Checkpoints, Pennsylvania!

DUI Checkpoint Warnings for the Holiday Weekend

Once again, Pennsylvania police departments are targeting a holiday weekend for DUI checkpoints.  They know people will be traveling and enjoying the spring weather and they will be out in full force to make sure you hit plenty of roadblocks along the way. As always, we will be posting any information we receive about DUI…

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