bad DUI lawyer

The Difference Between a DUI Professional and a Wannabe

Robert Frost once said: A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer. Choosing the right lawyer is a decision that can have a profound effect on the outcome of your case.  A good lawyer will do everything they can to protect your rights while a bad lawyer can lead…

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Attorney McShane has once again been selected as a rising star in Pennsylvania DUI defense.

Super Lawyers Names Attorney McShane a Rising Star

The 2012 issue of Super Lawyers Magazine has been released for Pennsylvania and Delaware and once again Attorney Justin McShane of The McShane Firm has been selected as a Rising Star in DUI Defense. (You can view Justin’s listing at ). Super Lawyers Magazine uses a very critical selection process and in the end,…

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Seriously, who's working in these crime labs?

More Crime Lab Problems: Philly Lab Tech Flunk Competency Test

Am I really asking for too much?  All I really want from a crime lab is: Validated techniques Proper supervision Adherence to scientific standards Competent technicians who do their job properly and time and time again we find out that these  simple requests are not being met. Philly crime lab technicians flunk competency test THREE…

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If the forensic labs are not doing their jobs properly, we will show that in court.

External Quality Assurance Auditor for Pennsylvania Forensics Labs

Forensics, in the form of both blood and breath testing, is a big part of a DUI case.  This is why I have dedicated myself to the study of forensic science so I can offer the best defense for my clients.  You have to know the science to hold the scientists accountable. In my studies…

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